a brief bio

Daniel leads the Nuxt core team. Previously, he was CTO of a SaaS startup and founder of a creative agency focusing on clarity of vision and message.

His open-source work has a focus in the Vue.js and Nuxt ecosystems. He's a keynote speaker at conferences and involved in consultancy with companies around the world, particularly around JAMstack, serverless and software architecture.

Daniel giving a talk at Vuefes Japan

He continues to mentor founders as an expert-in-residence at the Imperial Enterprise Lab, and has been recognised as a Microsoft MVP and a Google GDE.

He was identified as One to Watch by FreshMinds, has delivered a TEDx talk on the importance of clear communication, was a founding member of Durham Young Professionals and has mentored students in the Future Business Magnates programme.

He's based in Scotland where he lives with his family and a very affectionate ragdoll cat named Barley.

Daniel holds an MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University and an MTh in Theological and Pastoral Studies from Oak Hill College.

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