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🚨 PSA 🚨

please never feel bad about cancelling a sponsorship to me

πŸ‘‰ here's what I wish I could say:

1️⃣ thank you ❀️
2️⃣ there are lots of good reasons not to keep giving ΒΉ
3️⃣ I won't assume it was because of me
4️⃣ don't feel awkward
5️⃣ ... and don't go away! Β² πŸ™

ΒΉ Here are some good reasons:

β€£ reduced budget
β€£ sponsoring someone else
β€£ it doesn't bring joy

β€£ ... literally anything else

The point of a gift is that it's *freely given*. The last thing anyone wants is someone to feel obliged to keep giving it.

Β² I'm far more sad when I see someone stop appearing in Discord chats or GitHub issues/discussions/PRs.

(And I do worry often that when money gets involved it can ruin what is much more important - relationships.)

(But that might be a discussion for another day.)

An email from GitHub with the text:

Sponsorship Cancellation
Β Β 
Hi @danielroe,
We're writing to let you know that your recurring sponsorship of $1.00 from @<obscured username> was cancelled on June 6, 2024.

Visit your GitHub Sponsors dashboard activity feed for complete transaction history.

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πŸ‘‰ If you're interested in the breaking changes of , you can already try some of them out in your own project using our nightly release channel.

🚨 Please note that this is subject to change until the final release, and for early adopters/contributors only right now! 🚨

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